A collection of recipes from a rambling old man

Is just that, a collection of recipes, some original, but mostly begged, borrowed or stolen!

Cumbria is a wonderful place to live as a chef,  I’m surrounded by some of (in my humble opinion) the best produce and ingredients available to anyone, lamb, beef, pork, game, seafood, cheese need I go on?

The recipes aren’t written to be followed to the letter ( or the gram ) cooking is, and always should be about a persons taste, feel, smell, hence you’ll be seeing phrases like

” a splash of ”

“a knob of ”

” a good handful of ”

used frequently, use recipes as a guide, and adapt them to suit your own taste, I love chilli, but i’m sure some of you would like less, and, some of you considerably more,

So hopefully you’ll enjoy my recipes, I’ll get you trying different foods, different techniques, but, more than anything, get you to love cooking!!!

Please feel free to message me, either by email (link below) or the various forms of social media

Twitter @jonfellchef

Instagram @jonfellchef

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jonfell

Contact me on

Email jonandnettfell@gmail.com

Mobile 07927348446

Happy cooking



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