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Here’s my first show for Simply Good Food TV, filmed in Cumbria on the shore of the stunning Bassenthwaite Lake

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This little recipe is fantastic for a quick supper, or if you’re having guests round, a brilliant starter, and it’ll get you to practice your scallop cooking skills 

Serves 4 people 


Splash of rapeseed oil 

4 cloves of garlic finely sliced 

12 large scallops ( with coral removed) 

2 hot red Thai chilli finely sliced 

4 Spring onions finely sliced 

Good splash of light soy sauce 

2 good handfuls of peppery rocket an watercress 

2 handfuls of bean sprouts 

Heat a non stick frying pan until really hot, when I say hot! I mean smoking hot yeah!!! 

Add the oil and and quickly fry the sliced garlic for 20 seconds until golden, remove immediately or the garlic will burn!! 

Now place the scallops in the pan starting at 12 o’clock and work your way around 

Cook for 1 minute and turn over and cook for another 30 seconds 

Now add the chilli, and Spring onions, cook for 30 seconds 

Add the soy sauce and remove from the heat 

Mix together the  bean sprouts and watercress and rocket, divide between four plates, arrange the scallops on top and spoon over the Spring onions and chilli sauce, and finish with the crispy garlic and serve immediately 
See I told you! Quick, delicious and simple, but packed full of flavour 



Now! I’m always asked what is it I like to cook best? But strangely I’m never asked what I like to eat best!!? I’m assuming that it’s incase I invite myself round for tea!! People tend not to invite chefs around for a bite to eat! And yet any chef will tell you that they are the easiest people to cook for! Simply because we aren’t cooking and someone else is!! So for us as chefs it’s always an enjoyable experience

The dish I love more than anything else is a good fish pie, I think it says a lot about an establishment and the chef if they can produce a good fish pie, or any pie for that matter, and I’m not talking about the ones you see with those ridiculous puff pastry hats either!!

I make no claims that mine is the best, I just happen to think it’s pretty good, it’s the recipe and method I’ve used for years, and I ” acquired ” it a long time ago from an Irish chef Jimmy O’Shea who I worked with in my late teens, and I’ve made it the same since, so you’re quite honoured as I don’t think I’ve ever written it down before!!

This will serve 4 people


1kg of fish, now to be honest the choice is yours, but try for a good mix, salmon, smoked haddock, pollock, hake, you decide

1.5kg of floury potatoes

4 egg yolks


150g of butter

1 onion finely chopped

4 cloves garlic finely chopped

Good bunch of fresh thyme

200ml White wine ( if you wouldn’t drink it! Don’t use it!)

100g smoked haddock trimmings ( use the tail end from the fish mix)

2 litres of full fat milk

100g plain flour

Good spoon of English mustard

A good handful of chopped herbs, tarragon, chives parsley


Firstly remove all the skin and bones from the fish

Start the sauce by melting 50g butter in a pan, add the onion and garlic, sweat down for 2 minutes

Now add the thyme, wine and smoked haddock trimmings

Cook for 3 minutes to burn off the alcohol

Now added the milk and bring to just under the simmer

Now melt the 100g of butter in another pan, add the flour and cook for 4 minutes

Slowly add the warm milk through a sieve an whisk quickly over the heat until the sauce is smooth and thick

Cook for 5 minutes but stir frequently to prevent burning

Now whisk in the mustard and chopped herbs

Season to taste

Cool down the sauce

Now make the mashed potato by peeling the potatoes and cooking in boiling salted water until tender

Strain and allow to stand and steam, this will get rid of excess water

Mash your potatoes and season to taste, add the egg yolks and mix well

Place the potatoes into a piping bag ( it’s easier this way but you don’t have to)

Now it’s time to assemble your pie!

Spoon some sauce into the bottom of your pie dish

Arrange your fish pieces on top of the sauce, season with salt and pepper

Now completely cover with the sauce

Pipe your mash on top, the design is entirely up to you

At this stage you can sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top for an even more sumptuous pie!!

Place on a baking sheet and cook in a preheated oven 190c for 20-25 minutes until golden brown

Serve immediately with some buttered peas

Now! You’ve got to admit! That’s pretty good pie! Go on give it a go


This is a fantastically rich and luxurious soup, which I will very often use as a sauce for a variety of different dishes 
This recipe will serve 4 people 


1 Large lobster 

Splash of rapeseed oil 

1 onion finely chopped 

2 carrots finely chopped 

2 celery sticks finely chopped 

1 fennel bulb finely chopped 

6 cloves garlic finely chopped 

1 tablespoon of tomato purée 

200 ml of good quality brandy 

1.5 litres of double cream 

Good bunch tarragon 

We firstly need to deal with the lobster, put the lobster into the freezer for 30 minutes, this will “numb” the lobster

Now place the lobster onto a chopping block, you should be able to see a cross on the lobster head, get a heavy sharp knife and firmly insert it into the cross and carefully press down until it splits the lobster in two 

Take off the claws and crack them with the back of your knife 

Heat a splash of rapeseed oil in a deep pan

Add the lobster pieces and cook until the colour changes 

Now add the chopped vegetables and the garlic and colour a little 

Stir in the tomato purée, pour in the brandy and flambé 

Once the flame has died down you can add the cream 

Simmer for 15 minutes 

If you have a blender you can carefully blitz all of the shells etc together and pass through a fine sieve 

If you don’t have a blender just pass through the fine sieve, you just won’t get a deep flavour 

Put the soup/ sauce into a clean pan and heat through 

Add another splash of brandy and a touch more cream and your soup/ sauce is ready 

This is a fantastic recipe to have at your disposal, you can use it just as it is, or use it to go with all Manner of fish and seafood 


This recipe is one I’ve used for years, The pate is so smooth, fantastically rich and moorish, serve this with a good glass of red wine and some homemade bread! You are most certainly onto a great evening

My recipe will serve 8 people


500g of chicken livers

100ml Madeira

100ml port

1 shallot finely chopped

2 cloves of garlic finely chopped

Good handful of thyme finely chopped

100ml brandy

500g diced butter

5 large eggs

Salt and pepper


On a high heat cook off the alcohol with the shallots, garlic and thyme, reduce by half

Allow to cool slightly

Melt the butter slowly over a low heat

Place the chicken livers, shallot mix and eggs into a blender and blend for 4-5 minutes

You want a really smooth mix

With your machine running slowly add the melted butter

Now season with plenty of salt and pepper

You now need to carefully strain the mix

Pour the strained mix into a terrine mould

Preheat the oven to 140c

Place the terrine into a baking tray and pour water half way up the terrine mould

Cook for 30-35 minutes

Once cooked, remove the terrine and cool, chill for at least one day

To remove the parfait from the terrine, turn the terrine upside down, warm the terrine base with a blowtorch and carefully lift off the mould

With a hot knife slice the parfait into portions

Serve with some homemade crusty bread and chutney

You’ll never buy shop made pate again once you have made your own




Now I’m going to get into trouble I dare say, because I firmly believe that Dover Sole is just one of those fish that should be cooked and served on the bone! I just think the Dover sole served whole is perfection on the plate, yes of course I’ll trim it correctly, trimming the skirt away so all the customer has to do is pull the fillets apart and lift out the bone 

There seems to be a trend these days amongst chefs to want to “chef up” beautiful fish into something that just doesn’t need to be, I’ve always been of the thinking that 

” why take a beautiful piece of fish and try and do so much to it?! Let the fish speak for itself” 

They’ll be many who disagree, it is only my opinion 

I’m also of the opinion that a Dover sole around the 500g size is perfect for one person 


Splash of rapeseed oil for frying 

2 X 500g Dover sole, dark skin removed and skirt trimmed 

50g of butter cut into dice

2 large lemons, 1 juiced and the other segmented 

Small handful of capers 

A good bunch of parsley finely chopped 

You’ll need two nonstick cooking pans

Heat both pans and a splash of rapeseed oil in each 

Season your Dover sole and carefully place each into the pans white skin down for 3 minutes 

Leave until golden, DO NOT SHAKE THE PAN!! 

Turn the Dover sole over and add equal amounts of butter to each pan

Cook for a further 3 minutes 

Remove each Dover sole and keep warm on separate plates 

Add all the juices to one pan 

Add another knob of butter and cook until nut brown, now add the lemon juice, this will help stop the butter burning 

Now add the capers, chopped parsley and the lemon segments 

Season to taste 

Pour the sauce over the Dover soles 

Serve straight away with buttered new potatoes and curly kale or green beans 

I really do believe that if you can cook these Dover Sole like this, that you’ve got a meal fit for the gods 




Now I’m the first to admit that the ingredients in this dish shouldn’t go together! But trust me when I tell you that this recipe is an absolute winner

I’m going to use salmon, currants and stem ginger and encase them in buttery puff pastry

This recipe would be a stunning alternative to turkey on your Christmas lunch table, in fact I think I might cook it myself

If cooked correctly this salmon en croute dish is worthy of gracing the centre of any banquet, celebratory or just a good old family and friends get together


2 X 600g pieces of salmon, skinned and boneless

150g of butter

5 pieces of stem ginger, finely diced

50g of currants

A good pinch of nutmeg

800g of all butter puff pastry ( buy it! I won’t tell anyone! Even I buy it)

1 beaten egg for glazing


Season the two salmon fillets liberally on both sides

Mix the butter with the currants, ginger, nutmeg and season well

Spread one of the fillets of salmon with the mix and lay the other fillet on top

Cut the pastry into two, roll one piece into a rectangle, approximately 8 X 14 inches

Roll out the second piece of pastry slightly bigger, approximately 2 inches  larger all the way around

Lay the smaller rectangle onto a baking sheet

Carefully place the salmon in the centre

Brush around the salmon with the beaten egg

Lay the second piece of pastry over the top, and press the pastry together to seal well

Trim around the edges leaving about an inch of pastry all the way around

Brush the pastry with the beaten egg

Chill for about an hour

Preheat the oven to 200c

Bake the salmon en croute for 35-40 minutes until golden brown

Allow to rest for 5 minutes

Now I’d serve this on a large plate in the centre of the table, it’ll look fantastic

Who needs a big turkey for Christmas??

Try this recipe you’ll love it!