Easy Peasy Christmas Pudding Recipe 

Christmas Pudding Recipe 225g raisins 

225g sultanas 

225g currants 

225g whole meal breadcrumbs 

200g chopped mixed nuts 

1 apple grated 

1 lemon juiced and zest 

4 eggs beaten 

250g dark brown sugar 

225g suet

100g mixed peel

50g wholemeal flour 

2 teaspoon mixed spice 

500ml sherry, brandy or rum, or a mixture of all 3!! 

Mix all the ingredients together really well, leave in the fridge for a minimum of a week, you can add a little more brandy etc each day just for a richer pudding! 

Grease and flour your pudding mould, fill with the pudding mix, cover tightly with foil and steam for 2 hours 
And enjoy 
Jon x

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