Most chefs have their own recipe for salsa verde, it’s a great sauce to have in the fridge, goes well with a multitude of things but most especially fish, 

The choice of herbs you use is really up to you, I’d try and use soft herbs though, try and stay clear of hard herbs, but as I’ve said this is your choice 


500ml of good quality olive oil 

Handful of capers

6 anchovies 

2 cloves garlic 

Handful of fresh basil 

Handful of fresh mint 

Handful of fresh parsley 

Handful of fresh tarragon 

Handful of fresh chervil 

The juice of a lemon 


Put all the ingredients except the lemon juice into a food processor, add a splash of the olive oil and blitz to a paste 

You can now stir in the rest of the oil

Store in a sealed container and use when required, just add a squeeze of lemon juice 

This is a great sauce you can use with many many seafood dishes 



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